Aftercare Products

Here are some items that you may wish to sell to your customers.

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  • Crystal Mascara Wands
    Reusable Crystal Mascara Wands. Ideal for selling on to customers as an aftercare product. Colour: Pink Crystals or Silver Crystals ..
  • Mascara 8ml
    Single Mascaras (8ml) or Packs of 20 Mascaras (8ml) with a presentation stand. Our Black Water Based Mascara is ideal for use with Eyelash Extensions.   *Only remove with a non-oil based remover, otherwise it may affect the life of the Eyelash Extensions. ..
  • Eyelash Brush/Combs (Pack of 20)
    Pack of 20 Eyelash Brush/Combs This useful item has a brush on one side and a comb on the other. It's ideal for brushing dust and debris from the eyelashes or to comb and untangle the Eyelash Extensions. This is a great aftercare product that you could offer to your client after the treatme..
  • Gel Hand Sanitizer
    GETRID Gel Hand Sanitizer gives instant protection. Kills 99% of germs WITHOUT USING WATER 50ml ..