Coatings and Sealants

We have several different Coatings and Sealants for Semi-Permanent Eyelashes.

Black Diamond Coating Sealant
Clear Diamond Coating Sealant
Clear Liquid Sealer
Crystal Drop Coating Sealant

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  • Diamond Coating Sealants
    Diamond Coating Sealant: 10ml (Available in Black or Clear) Diamond Coating Sealant gives protection to Eyelash Extensions so the lashes last longer. Apply the coating after the eyelash procedure has been completed. This can also be used as an aftercare product for the client by applying th..
  • Clear Liquid Sealer
    Clear Liquid Sealer: 10ml Clear Liquid Lash Sealer contains Teflon which seals the Eyelash Extensions after application to prolong the life of the lashes. Apply with a Microbrush to seal the lashes after application.   ..
  • Crystal Drop Coating Sealant
    Crystal Drop Coating is a resale product for your clients to use between their top-ups. It protects the eyelashes from moisture, oils and dust and extends the life of Eyelash Extensions. ..