Training Aids

These will assist you when applying your Eyelash Extensions.

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  • Lashelle (The Eyelash Trainer)
    THIS VERSION OF THE PRODUCT CONTAINS A SET OF TOP AND BOTTOM EYELASHES AND CLIPS (Training Kit Not Included) Introducing a brand new training product for the eyelash industry. It will revolutionise the way eyelash technicians train in the future to become trained Eye..
  • Magnified Spectacles
    These Magnified Spectacles are available in a variety of strengths. +1.00 +1.50 +2.00 +2.50 +3.00 +3.50 ..
  • Eyelash Clips For The Eyelash Trainer (Top Lashes x 3 Pairs)
    Replacement Clips for the Top Eyelashes The pack contains 3 pairs of Top Eyelash Clips. (With fitted lashes to practice on) ..
  • Eyelash Clips For The Eyelash Trainer (Bottom Lashes x 1 Pair)
    Replacement Clips for the Bottom Eyelashes.  The pack contains 1 pair of Bottom Eyelash Clips. (With fitted lashes to practice on) ..
  • Magnifier with LED Light
    These Magnified Spectacles come with a handy LED light to help in a low light environment. The angle of the lens is adjustable and has 3 interchangeable lenses ..
  • Gel Eyepatches for The Eyelash Trainer
    These Gel Eyepatches are only to be used on Lashelle only and should not be used on Human Models. (May cause irritation) Pack of 50 - £9.99   *Gel Eyepatches for use on Human models can be found on this site.   ..