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We stock a wide range of different treatment products. Take a look below.

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  • Gel Eyepatches for Human Model
    These Gel Eyepatches are specially designed for Eyelash Extensions on human models.  They are now extra light, thinner and lint free and do not contain any other products which can cause irritation to the eyes during treatment. The new shape is better adapted to the shape of the eye area...
  • Gel Glue Remover
    Gel Glue Remover 15ml This gel based glue remover gradually melts the adhesive that holds the eyelash extensions in place. We recommend using our Microbrushes for this procedure. Take extra care to avoid getting the gel into the eye during removal. Have your Eye Wash Pods&nb..
  • Liquid Primer
    Liquid Primer 15ml Apply using a Microbrush by wiping the eyelashes to remove oil, dust and protein prior to applying Semi-Permanent Eyelashes. Liquid Primer is an alternative to using Protein Remover Pads. ..
  • Microbrushes
    100 Microbrushes in a tube. A microbrush is a useful 'multi-purpose' tool, used to clean up any excess adhesive during eyelash application. They can also be used to remove Eyelash Extensions with our Gel Glue Remover and used to apply Dolly Lash lotions. Available: Super Fine (..
  • Protein Remover Pads (75 Pads)
    A tub of 75 Protein Remover Pads (Wipes). You should use these protein wipes to remove protein, oil and dust prior to eyelash treatments. Protein Remover Pads are an alternative to using Liquid Primer. ..
  • Eye Wash Pods (Strip of 5)
    These pods of sterile water are essential treatment products in the event of any unwanted substance entering your clients eyes during application and removal of eyelash extensions. Each strip contains 5 x 20ml pods ..
  • Silicone Tape
    Size: 2.5cm x 5.5m - 3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape. This tape is one of the best surgical tapes for eyelash extension application. It is wafer thin and has great adhesion so it provides better stability than eye patches. It also has a minimal degree of discomfort upon the removal of the tap..
  • Micropore Tape
    Available in Single Packs or Packs of 5. (Sizes: 1.25cm & 2.50cm) Micropore Tape is a surgical tape used to cover the lower eyelashes during Semi-Permanent Eyelash application as an alternative to using our Gel Eyepatches.   ..
  • Transpore Tape
    Transpore Tapes (1.25cm) Available in Single Packs or Packs of 5. Transpore Tape is used to set up your lashes during application.   Set up the eyelashes onto the tape and stick to the back of the hand whilst applying Semi-Permanent Eyelashes.   Setting up your eyelashes in this w..
  • Medical Grade Alcohol Swabs (Pack of 100)
    These medical grade alcohol swabs are used to sterilise your eyelash tweezers and application tools. The box contains 100 sealed anti-bacterial pads. ..