Knot-Free Lashes

These Flare/Cluster lashes are Knot-Free and therefore do not contain the bulb that other similar lashes usually have.

They are great for applying a quick and simple fullness to the natural eyelashes.

Apply by placing these extensions on top of the natural lash or between the natural eyelashes.

They look more natural than full eyelash strips and are very light. 

They are ideal for use on clients who just want a quick set of Weekend Lashes.


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  • Knot-Free Flare Lashes
    These Knot-Free 5D Eyelashes are available in 7 sizes: C 0.10/8mm C 0.10/9mm C 0.10/10mm C 0.10/11mm C 0.10/12mm C 0.10/13mm C 0.10/14mm These lashes are ideal for customers who want a quick set of Weekend Lashes. These lashes come in a pot containing approximate..