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Ultimate Eyelash Supplies UK Limited Terms and Conditions are between Ultimate Eyelash Supplies and you as a recipient of The Ultimate Eyelash Supplies goods and/or as an end user of the web site located at https://www.ultimateeyelashsupplies.co.uk. 

Changes in law or changes to our business may require changes to be made to the TAC from time to time, and we encourage you to review the TAC periodically for any such changes. By accessing the Site, sending information or ordering products or services from Ultimate Eyelash Supplies you agree to be bound to the TAC. If you do not agree with any term in the TAC, you should discontinue your use of this site.


1. Terms and Conditions of Sale:

Ultimate Eyelash Supplies UK Ltd offers the items described on the Site (Products) for sale at the prices set on the site, as applicable subject to the revision of prices by Ultimate Eyelash Supplies from time to time. No document attempting to refute or otherwise modify the terms of the TAC, shall be binding upon and instead the TAC, including any special terms and conditions set out separately by written agreement shall exclusively govern the sale of products and provision of services to you by Ultimate Eyelash Supplies.

Ultimate Eyelash Supplies ships products and provides services in accordance with the specifics of your purchase. If, after delivery and inspection, you determine that the products do not conform to your specifications and are, therefore, unacceptable, please notify us immediately. Ultimate Eyelash Supplies will either replace the rejected products, or issue a refund. Please read our Returns Policy for the conditions of any returns/refunds.

WARNING: You must determine the suitability of products for use. Exposure of some products to other materials, chemicals or temperature extremes may cause changes in material from which the products are manufactured, which may make the products unsuitable for use. Some products contain latex, which may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Ultimate Eyelash Supplies disclaims any responsibility for the foregoing.

You assume all liability and responsibility for selection and use of products by you and/or by any third party that purchases or receives the products (or products incorporating the products) from you or your transferees, and Ultimate Eyelash Supplies are not and shall not be liable or responsible in any way for any such selection or use.

2. International Orders: 

International shipping will be by Airmail Postage and insured for items up to £50.00. It is the customers responsibility to take out extra insurance if your order is worth more than £50.00

It is the responsibility of the customer to pay any customs charges incurred.

3. Website Terms of Use:

The site is provided as a service to you and is intended to provide general information about Ultimate Eyelash Supplies and its products. We reserve the right to delete, modify, or supplement the content of the site at any time for any reason without prior notification, and will use reasonable efforts to include up-to-date and accurate information in the site.

4. Applicable Laws:

The Site contains information about products that may or may not be available in any particular country, and if applicable, may have received approval by a governmental regulatory body for different indications and restrictions in different countries. Each country has specific laws, regulations and medical practices governing the communication of medical or other information about medical products on the Internet. Nothing here should be construed as a solicitation or promotion for any product or for an indication for any product, which is not authorised, by the laws and regulations of the country where you reside.