Individual Flutter Lashes - Single Lengths

Individual Flutter Lashes - Single Lengths

Product Code: Trays of Eyelashes - Individual Flutter Lashes (Single Lengths)
Price: £13.49

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NOW AVAILABLE IN 0.05mm ('C' & 'D' Curls Only)

Otherwise known as Individual "Russian" Lashes.

16 ROWS OF LASHES (Not 12 like many suppliers)

Available in: B Curl, C Curl and D Curl.

Please be aware that these are individual lashes. If you require the pre-fanned lashes, then go to the "Pre-Fanned 2D-5D Lashes" section.

Available in 0.05mm and 0.07mm, these lashes are best used to create the Russian "Flutter Lash" look. (2D-5D Volume Lashes)


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